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FairChoices provides web-based decision support for policy makers in designing essential health care packages based on principles of cost-effectiveness and an increase in health budget. FairChoices is based on a revision of 21 evidence-informed packages of health interventions that were synthesized into a model UHC package of 218 interventions and a complementary list of 77 intersectoral interventions, developed by the third edition of the Disease Control Priorities project (DCP3). The DCP3 estimates of cost and effect were reviewed and replaced with local data, when available.

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Budget space

Budget space for health (also called fiscal space for health) refers to how much money the government has available to spend on health. In general, most low- and lower-middle income countries seek to expand their budget space for health in order to achieve their health system objectives. However, this is not easy or straightforward, and it is an inherently political process, as there are many competing priorities for government resources.

This page of the FairChoices tool helps users understand and envision their country's budget space for health. The graphs below showcase data from the recent past (years 2010 and later) to provide important context for future budget planning. Users can define their budget space planning period using the inputs below. To promote accuracy, feasibility, and realism, it is advised that users parameterize this tab in collaboration with staff from both the ministries of health and finance, as well as health financing experts and relevant stakeholders.

Government health expenditure

External health expenditure

Private health expenditure

Out-of-pocket (OOP) health expenditure

Budget space projection



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Health Gain

Healthy years gained over the full period (typically 10 years):
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HYs lost compared to most cost-effective use of money

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